Drive Out #72 | October 2013

Drive Out #72 | October 2013


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BUSH NEWS A new name for the Caprivi

RATHER SAFE…Consider all the risks of raising your vehicle

SUSPENSION Do not add or remove springs all willy-nilly

TYRES The new big question: Does nitrous gas work in tyres?

DRIVE OUT 4×4 ACADEMY Hone your 4×4 skills

WHEELS We drive the new Land Cruiser V8 turbo diesel, the grand Grand Cherokee and floors the BMW 800 GS

KENYA Gerrie van Eeden goes game watching and spelunking with the Voetspore team on their trip along the equator

WEEKEND There are some enticing coastal dunes in southern Mozambique

RED DUNE ROUTE If you have been all over the Kgalagadi, look to the south for something more

GEAR Choose your camping table

DIY Tired of waiting? Inflate all four wheels at once

WORKSHOP Protect the 12V power with this mother of a power distribution board

MY WHEELS This Peugeot 505 is not only a capable 4×4, it is also a film star

4×4 TRAIL De Wildt has dongas, water holes, mud pools, and animals, of course

READER STORY The day the lions went people watching at Rooiputs

PHOTO MECHANIC Be prepared for that once off shot

BOSKOS If you have many kids, your food plans must go swimmingly

DIRT ROAD TALES You’d be surprised If you drive stop-stop through the desert, you will learn a lot